The world first integrated, all-polymer based

solar water heating system

The Solav offers an affordable,

durable & reliable water heating solution

Solav's modular design enables

easy scale-up to higher capacities

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Solav Energy is the developer and manufacturer of the first and only integrated, polymer-based solar water heating system.

Since its inception, Solav has grown into a global company with sales in Central America, South Africa, the Sub-Sahara and India.


South Africa






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Solav’s patented, solar water heating system was developed by its engineers and scientists in order to enable the
perfect solution for heating water within low-income communities in developing countries.


Solar collector and hot water storage are integrated to one unit.


The SolavTM is the first and only all-in-one, polymer-based solar…


Most existing Solar Water Heaters systems are often far beyond…


Ilan Sharon

CMO & Biz Dev



What is the technology that is being used for heating the water (ETC / FPC)?

SOLAV technology is neither ETC nor FPC.  The SOLAV is an integrated hybrid solar water heater the solar collector and the hot water storage tank are combined into a single unit

What kind of difficulties should I expect to face when installing the system?

SOLAV is very simple to install. It weighs only 30 Kg and can be installed by only 2 people with basic standard tooling, in no more than 25 minutes

I have bad experience with a system that was dysfunctional after a short period of time due to scale and rust. How does the new technology deals with hard water?

SOLAV contains no meatal parts which gather no rust, no corrosion and no water contamination

I already have electricity geyser, how can I use your product?

Great news. You can install our Solav and save up to 85% of your electricity cost. SOLAV installation is extremely simple when adding it to the hot water circles of the house.

Can the system be connected to the existing water tank?

Yes, if you already have an existing tank the system can be easily connected to it thus even increase your hot water capacity

What if there is not enough radiation to heat the water?

You can install a low-cost electricity back up in a minimal cost. Then you will have hot water in less than 20 miniutes.

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"I had reoccurring problems with my water tank. It kept getting clogged with calcium residue and I had to replace it twice in the last two years. I have been using the Solav unit for the last 8 month and the quality and quantity of the water is excellent."

-Eli Levi, Haifa /

"We installed our Solav unit 3 years ago and since then, our electricity bills got much lower. The installation took about 30 minutes and now we have cost free hot water for the entire family. We recommended all of our friends to switch to Solav Solar Water Heater."

-Isaak Finklestein, Rehovot /

"So much free hot water and a real easy installation. We are spreading the word about Solav to all of our friends, family and co-workers."

-S. Shalvi, Shoham Israel /

"We originally searched and found Solav Energy system because we had an awful time with **** Solar ETC system.
This other solar heater glass was broken after three month due to hail we had one night.
So we chose Solav which is made out of hail resistance plastic glazing. They came out and removed the ETC system and installed their system on our roof. Our overall experience with Solav water heater has been great"

-Mark B. Jason, Pretoria South Africa /

"Our new Solav solar heater is working great!
It's doing exactly what the agent promised it would do. Usually i research before making a purchase, however, Solav solar system was so highly recommended to us, so I didn't question choosing it. I am so glad we did. We are very pleased and highly recommend Solav product"

-Jacklyn Simms, Port Antonio Jamaica /

"The Solav system is doing exactly what I hoped it would do. Very easy installation process and we had good hot water in our shower the very next day."

-David Paul, Bloemfontein South Africa /