Solav Energy is the developer and
manufacturer of the first and only
integrated, polymer-based solar water
heating system.

Solav Energy is a solar water heating company who strives to limit the negative effects of traditional energy sources by offering a sustainable, “green" solar water heating solution.

Solav’s solution is an outcome of synergetic integration between advanced polymer based manufacturing capabilities and innovative, motivated development team.

Established in 2011, Solav Energy designed and developed a unique, revolutionary, polymer based solar water heater which overcomes state of the art solutions that struggle with corrosion, calcium deposits and breakage of glass made parts. None of these exist in the Solav system.

The product is designed and manufactured in an ISO9001 certified company-owned facility. All products are produced with a strong emphasis on simplicity of design and ease of installation while aiming to minimize the environmental impact of all products and operations. With several patents, Solav invests considerable resources and efforts in R&D of new products and applications. Solav team is fully committed to its mission to provide simple and effective solutions for the domestic sector, whilst minimizing the harmful effects on the environment.