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What is the technology that is being used for heating the water (ETC / FPC)?

SOLAV technology is neither ETC nor FPC.  The SOLAV is an integrated hybrid solar water heater the solar collector and the hot water storage tank are combined into a single unit

What kind of difficulties should I expect to face when installing the system?

SOLAV is very simple to install. It weighs only 30 Kg and can be installed by only 2 people with basic standard tooling, in no more than 25 minutes

I have bad experience with a system that was dysfunctional after a short period of time due to scale and rust. How does the new technology deals with hard water?

SOLAV contains no meatal parts which gather no rust, no corrosion and no water contamination

I already have electricity geyser, how can I use your product?

Great news. You can install our Solav and save up to 85% of your electricity cost. SOLAV installation is extremely simple when adding it to the hot water circles of the house.

Can the system be connected to the existing water tank?

Yes, if you already have an existing tank the system can be easily connected to it thus even increase your hot water capacity

What if there is not enough radiation to heat the water?

You can install a low-cost electricity back up in a minimal cost. Then you will have hot water in less than 20 miniutes.

How much time it takes to get first hot water and what is the recovery time after I use them?

Having good radiation, after 3 hours the water in the system will reach 40 degrees centigrade. By noon it will reach 75 centigrade.

What are the options to increase the capacity of the system once our family grows?

The Solav system is modular, which means you can add additional units and increase your capacity.

Is there a chance of contamination of water due to plastic body.

None. Our material has been approved for direct contact with food and portable water.

Does your system contains a self-cleaning unit that fights lime and sediment buildup to lengthen tank lifespan and maintain peak efficiency?

There is no need for self-cleaning device as the residues of the water don’t stick to the tank which is made out of polymer. We have systems that have been in use for 7 years already and still retain the same efficiency level.

what is the expected lifespan of a system

The system comes with 5 years warranty. We have experience with systems that are already installed and operate for more than 7 years and show no performance deterioration.